Vvvv projection mapping

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How To Project On 3D Geometry

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12 MUST SEE Guerrilla 3D Projection Mapping Examples

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Spout – Syphon for Windows

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In this first test we combine a stepper motor controlled turntable with a realtime projection mapping. The motor, turntable and projection are controlled by VVVV. page 6 VVVV / Projection / Kinect page 7 Omniversity of Manchester When we open VVVV, we get a blank square.

This blank square is a view of a new blank VVVV. It allows buildings to move, transform and even communicate! A new advertising phenomenon is taking the world by storm.

3d Projection Mapping allows marketers and advertisers to create surreal landscapes by projecting images on objects. Finally! A video frame sharing system similar to MAC OS X open source platform Syphon has arrived to Microsoft Windows.

For many VJs Syphon was the only reason to. The Big List of ecoleducorset-entrenous.com Examples. Explore the interactive version here. th U.S. Congressional Districts; 20 years of the english premier football league.

Vvvv projection mapping
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