Star wars vs star trek

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The Ultimate Spaceship Face-off

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Let’s Talk

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We are constantly updating our inventory with new products from across the superhero universe and beyond. Time to fire up the 'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek' debate again. Oh, and 'Star Wars' is the better franchise. Star Trek vs.

Star Wars.

Star Trek vs Star Wars vs Stargate

It's the original nerd feud, the spawning point for every great clash of fandom that was to follow. On one side are orderly lines of Stormtroopers, Bobas Fett (the official plural of Boba Fett), and obese men ironically dressed up as Princess Leia.

On the other are serried. Oct 28,  · Star Wars - Like the original trilogy.

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Eps are interesting as back-story, but otherwise don't do a lot for me. Eps are interesting as back-story, but otherwise don't do a lot for me. Only seen a little of the animated series and it seems OK, but again it is mostly interesting to me as back-story.

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek. They possess two of the most die hard fan bases in all of science fiction fandom. There is the Utopian ideals expressed in Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek.

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There is the swashbuckling popcorn glory that stirs an imagination that is Star Wars. Star Trek, originally a TV series, is a space western science fiction that centers around a crew who serves in Starfleet, a space-based peacekeeping and humanitarian Wars, originally a trilogy, is a space opera fantasy franchise set in the distant past of a fictional galaxy, revolving around princes, princesses, knighthood, and chivalry.

Star wars vs star trek
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