Molecular weight of a condesable vapor

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Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor

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Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor

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Raoult's law

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Vapor Pressure and Heat Evaporation Lab Report

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AP Chemistry Period 1 Molecular Weight of a Condensable Vapor Lab Purpose: The purpose and objective of this lab was to find the molecular weight of a condensed vapor. To determine the molar mass of a condensable vapor through use of the ideal gas law.

Equipment and Materials Hot plate, ring stand, analytical balance, 1-L beaker, mL round bottom flask, tap water, 5-cm by 5-cm piece of aluminum foil, 5-mL of a volatile organic liquid (methyl ethyl ketone or ethyl acetate). The molecular weight was smaller than expected.

This happened because the density was smaller due to the mass being smaller and this meant too much vapor escaped the flask. Conclusion: In this experiment, the molecular weight of a condensed vapor was found through a procedure using an unknown liquid.

Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor. Topics: Water, Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD) is a unique nanotechnology technique that allows for room temperature vapor deposition of organic and organometallic molecules. MVD technology enables the growth of ultra-thin films with a wide range of functionality on a broad spectrum of substrates.

Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor specifically for you. for only $/page. Order Now. A mL flask was obtained. The square of aluminum was fashioned over the flask by laying the foil over the mouth and folding the sides down.

Molecular weight of a condesable vapor
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Determining the Molar Mass of a Vapor