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Gypsy - Antithesis CD

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Instead, I'm shake some embeded Youtube clips and her discography and my decision is that by the time you're done brainstorming the videos you'll feel the need to tackle further and buy a CD or two.

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Gypsy was house band at the Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, California for about eight months from September to and were known in for their US Billboard Chart Single "Gypsy Queen Part 1 and 2", as most of Gypsy's music composed and written by guitarist and singer Enrico Rosenbaum.

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GYPSY: MPLS Local Band: 1970 -73

This blog will also include reviews on any live music events that I attend. "Antithesis" is also good but "In the Garden" is probably Gypsy's best work. Gypsy was far and away the best Minneapolis-based group of their generation, doing truly original work. I'm sitting here in front of my computer with my old LP released by Metromedia, wishing I could enjoy it again (and adding the CD to my wish list right now.)4/5.

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Randy Cates assumed bass duties for 's Antithesis, Gypsy's first album for new label RCA; however, upon releasing 's Unlock the Gates, the group dissolved, reforming just long enough to play the Super Jam '77 concert at St.

Louis' Busch Stadium. A CD of new material was released in (Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow) which brought them right back with great new songs, catchy melodies, classic Gypsy harmonies, precision keyboard and instrumental work, an air-tight horn section, and dynamic percussion work!

Gypsy antithesis cd
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