Corus continuous improvement

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Continuous Improvement - the Corus Way

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Continuous improvement enabled Corus to overcome problems in its steel works. Several years ago Corus bid for a Royal Navy contract for steel for T45 destroyer vessels. Up until that date, this was the largest Royal Navy contract awarded.

What is Continuous Improvement?

Corus did not get the work because the business at that time was not seen to have the capability of meeting. Continuous Improvement – The Corus Way Corus Edition 11 01_Introduction Corus is an international metals company. In it was the eighth largest steelmaker in the world.

The company has an annual turnover of £9 billion. The company has four divisions and a global network of sales offices and. Danieli Corus supplies tailor-made solutions for the Primary Metals Industry using proven technology from Corus' state-of-the-art integrated mills in The Netherlands and UK, as well as from our licensors and other world-wide sources, we help our clients achieve maximum performance, We guarantee reliability and economic benefits for ore preparation, cokemaking, blast furnace ironmaking and BOF.

Introduction Corus is part of the Tata Steel Group, the world's sixth largest steel producer. Within Europe, Corus is the second largest steel producer with average annual revenuesof around £12 billion.

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The company produces to Corus. Continuous improvement contributes towards lean production. Continuous Improvement - The Corus Way Introduction InCorus was the eighth biggest steel maker in the world. It operates in over 40 countries.

Corus continuous improvement
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