Big five personality

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The Benefits of the “Big Five” Personality Traits

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In psychology, the 'Big Five' is a term used to describe the five broad traits of human personality. In current practice, it is sometimes used interchangeably with the term ' five-factor model.'. The most prevalent personality framework is the “Big Five,” or the five-factor model of personality. Not only does this theory of personality apply in multiple countries and cultures around the world (Schmitt et al., ), there is a valid and reliable assessment scale for measuring the five factors.

Known as the ‘Big Five’ personality traits, the researchers underlined five human personality traits, which explained the driving factors behind how people behaved at home or the workplace. Before looking at how the big five personality traits apply in the workplace, let’s have a look at each of their definitions.

The Big Five Personality Traits- The closest thing to consensus among academics who study personality psychology is the Big Five Personality Traits.

They were originally discovered by an analysis of which personality-based adjectives tend to cluster together. The Big Five Personality Model explains how employees' behavioral traits can be segmented into certain personalities. An easy way to remember the five traits is to think of the acronym O.C.E.A.N.

Big five personality
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