An art analysis of water lilies

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Water Lilies

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Monet's Water Lilies. New York,pp. 7, 13 n. 24, colorpl.

About This Artwork

15, notes that the four signed and dated "Water Lilies" ofincluding this work, were the only water lilies panels sold by. In a series of works depicting his garden at Giverny, Monet exploits these water qualities to a full extent. The artist paints a pond that is covered in floating lilies, overlooked by a Japanese bridge, and surrounded by lush vegetation, all reflected.

The last 30 years of Monet's life were dominated by his water lilies of which he painted about oil paintings. Some of the Water Lilies paintings were small, while some were large enough to take up an entire wall.

With them Monet ushered in a new period of art. WATER LILIES, is one of the most famous and recognizable works from the Impressionist movement.

Water Lilies

Here, Claude Manet presents us with a soothingly tranquil scene, alive with color, that superbly captures the essence of atmospheric beauty. Water Lilies, by Claude Monet. Impressionism. flower painting. © The Art Institute of Chicago. All rights reserved.

An art analysis of water lilies
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