3i group plc may 2006

3i Group plc: May 2006 HBS Case Analysis

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3i Group plc: May 2006

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In the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £ billion. Please click on the choices below to learn more about this product. Sandhar Technologies Group Author(s): G. Felda Hardymon and Ann Leamon DOI: / 3i Group plc: May case analysis, 3i Group plc: May case study solution, 3i Group plc: May xls file, 3i Group plc: May excel file, Subjects Covered Financial strategy Globalization Growth strategy Partnerships Private equity by G.

Felda Hardymon, Ann Leamon Source: Harvard Business Sch. 3i Group (III) Established in by the UK Government, 3i is one of the UK's biggest investors in private companies. Starting with 15m capital in3i is today an international investor, with 13bn of assets under management.

3i sees Asia holding 20 pct of assets

a subsidiary of 3i Group plc (“3i Group”), which is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Ex-dividend date 27 May Record date 29 May Annual General Meeting 7 July persuasive and a survey by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has reported that the average amount lost by investors is.

3i Group plc: May Case Solution, SincePhilip Yea, the first foreigner to ever lead 3i Group, one of the largest private equity firms listed in .

3i group plc may 2006
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3i Group PLC Results for the year to 31 March